TBM Private Equity Practice Team provides insight for article in Metal Construction News, Jan 2021.

The tenants of lean manufacturing are inherent in the metal building systems industry, though it is not commonly understood how widely and effectively the manufacturers employ such efficiencies. Understanding why metal building manufacturing has long been a leading force in the application of both lean manufacturing and construction practices can help those within the field to better articulate the value and professionalism inherent in the industry.

Read the article in Metal Construction News to learn how metal building manufacturers are using lean management concepts to reduce costs and improve competitiveness by:

  • Creating faster cycle times, optimized inventory, better quality and less scrap.
  • Improving engineering lead time, improved design review and fabrication
  • Implementing a management system to improve execution and align improvement priorities to financial objectives

In the article, we provide examples of results achieved in a metal building products company that cut lead times in half and achieved its delivery deadlines.