How to recruit and retain workers to realize the full benefits of digital transformation.

As the all-in costs of domestic manufacturing suddenly become competitive to offshore alternatives, while mitigating acute supply chain risks in the process, the promise of Industry 4.0 is indeed motivating business leaders to bring manufacturing operations closer to home. Yet many overlook a key element: they still need to recruit and retain workers to oversee these facilities. And against the backdrop of the “great resignation,” recruiting and retaining employees with the technology skillset is harder than most remember.

In her article published in Smart Industry, Shannon Gabriel, TBM’s Managing Director of Leadership Solutions, explains why human capital is the most important catalyst fueling manufacturing’s Industry 4.0 emergence. She also outlines why manufacturers need to update their human-capital playbook to better compete for talent that will position manufacturers to fully capture the tailwinds being driven by technology.

Read the article to discover why business leaders must focus on the needs of their people to ensure digital transformation success.