3 Steps for Making Human Capital Change Management Part of Your Acquisition Strategy

While manufacturing companies almost always prioritize operational and financial due diligence as part of an acquisition, human capital due diligence is often overlooked. Sometimes, this is because of limited time and resources. Other times, it’s because no formal processes have yet to be developed for assessing and integrating people and culture. Either way, companies that skip this step find themselves with significant human capital issues down the road, including attrition, poor morale, and declining productivity. Solving for these integration issues only becomes more difficult as time passes.

Leadership Solutions Managing Director, Shannon Gabriel, shares insights gained from working with several organizations that have struggled with the people part of the acquisition process. She shares tips for how to avoid the issues that could undermine the success of a deal.

Practical steps for adding human capital assessment and integration elements to your acquisition planning process.

  • Aligning human capital due diligence with your operational and financial due diligence processes.
  • Creating and sharing a human capital vision plan that lays the groundwork for successful integration and addresses key stumbling blocks.
  • Collaborating with the acquired company’s leadership team to ensure successful roll out and implementation of the change management plan.

Download the article “Acquisitions 101: The Hand-Holding that Should Be Happening, But Isn’t” to learn why you can’t afford to ignore human capital due diligence. See how to marry the process with financial and operational due diligence and integration processes to help your new acquisition succeed across all dimensions.