Food and beverage manufacturers can uncover hidden capacity through set-up reduction and reduce the need for capital equipment and inventory.

Senior operating executives looking to produce a wider variety and higher volume of products may think it’s time to expand the plant or invest in new equipment. But in many cases, they can improve their current output from their existing machinery. The methods described in this article look at how faster setup times and improved equipment performance can translate into increased capacity, more flexibility, reduced lead time and costs, and better quality and speed, reducing the need for capital equipment and inventory.

Food & beverage manufacturers can discover new ways to uncover hidden capacity and enhance flexibility through faster set-up times.

Where we've successfully implemented changes?

  • Capitalize on employee creativity
  • Enlist line operators and easy-to-use fixtures
  • Create production plans that minimize product waste
  • Test equipment prior to changeovers

You don't have to accept average performance when it comes to equipment uptime. These examples demonstrate how manufacturers can manage current demands with existing capacity and respond to new market opportunities when they arise.