TBM Consulting Group and Supply Chain Sciences (SCS) Partner to Help Clients Improve Service Levels and Reduce Working Capital Using Cloud-Based Inventory Optimization

Morrisville, NC. (September 23, 2015) – TBM Consulting announced today that it has partnered with Supply Chain Sciences (SCS), an innovative provider of cloud-based decision support tools, business processes, and education that provide enhanced Inventory Optimization capabilities. TBM and SCS will design and implement holistic solutions that achieve an optimal balance between inventory investment and service level performance.

Supply Chain Sciences has created a cloud-based platform for manufacturing and distribution companies, called InvOpt.com, a web-based platform well suited to companies with high complexity, wide product variety with high demand, uncertainty, and numerous constraints. The process and software can be implemented in as little as six weeks and provides clients with the ability to optimize inventory investment using advanced mathematical models to achieve customer service level and responsiveness objectives.  Their “what-if” modeling functionality allows clients to rapidly “try on” different risk profiles and supply chain scenarios, and to understand the outcome of potential changes in strategy prior to execution. The software platform allows managers to articulate objectives which then translate into specific actions for buyers, planners, and schedulers across the organization.

TBM Consulting will help clients leverage technology as an enabler of inventory optimization and make process improvements that help sustain gains that result from the InvOpt.com platform.  TBM will also help clients to ensure that the new technology will aid in stabilizing integrated planning processes through advanced inventory analytics and application of differentiated supply chain strategies for the optimal balance of risk and investment by product and market segments. 

Manufacturers and distributors facing these types of challenges can benefit from the partnership between Supply Chain Sciences and TBM Consulting by:

  • reducing late customer deliveries, repeated expedites and lost sales;
  • lowering the risk of excess and obsolete inventory;
  • avoiding unproductive production batching and excessive material handling costs;
  • balancing regular and premium freight costs; and
  • decreasing the unproductive overhead costs associated with planning and expediting material; and facilitating continuous monitoring and configuration of optimal ERP parameter settings.

TBM CEO Bill Remy is pleased that his organization can offer its clients this new emerging technology.  He says, “Today’s modern manufacturer has to embrace new technologies that improve productivity, enhance profitability and increase cash flow.  Our supply chain networks are increasingly complex and there is a tremendous need to wrangle reams of data into manageable chunks of actionable information.” Remy added, “InvOpt.com is an effective solution that gives buyers and planners a structured process and tools to find the highest priority actions in order to win every day.  We’ve got deep experience helping companies to apply process improvement. Now we’ve got the data and analytics to make the process go faster and be even more effective.”  

Supply Chain Sciences CEO, Dr. James A. Rappold, says “Our clients typically achieve a 10-40% reduction in inventory and an increased service level of 5-15% with a payback time of six months.  We deliver the advanced models and tools to identify best case approaches for optimal working capital reduction.  Pair those results with TBM’s deep experience driving process improvement and our clients will be able to implement and sustain gains—and learn how to leverage those gains for longer-term profitable growth.

What’s different about our approach is that we wrap advanced mathematics with a continuous improvement process and education that enhances the planning team’s capabilities. ”Ken Koenemann, Vice President of TBM’s Technology and Global Supply Chain Practices, believes there will be strong customer demand for the combined services of TBM and SCS.  “This technology and functionality is perfect for organizations with a significant working capital Investment.  It allows us to provide a simple, yet comprehensive analytical tool to clients that actively emphasize waste identification and elimination. “  

For more information, contact TBM Consulting Group at +1.919.438.5535 or download our inventory optimization infographic, "Ten Ways to Optimize Your Inventory."  

About TBM Consulting Group

TBM is a global operations management consulting firm that maximizes enterprise value and accelerates growth by working with clients to leverage operational excellence. We focus on results with a bias for action and work side by side with our clients to immediately improve EBITDA, accelerate growth, and generate immediate and long-term balance sheet improvements. Our subject-matter professionals average 10–25 years of operational, management and executive experience in the manufacturing and distribution sector and none are career consultants. We leave behind framework and structure for lasting change using our proprietary LeanSigma® approach, which has been continuously improved since we introduced it over 20 years ago. For more information, visit www.tbmcg.com.

About Supply Chain Sciences & InvOpt.com 

Supply Chain Sciences is a management consulting and decision support software firm working with global clients to achieve lasting business improvements through a structured and scientific approach. The focus on two key areas:  management consulting centered on integrated supply chain strategy, planning and execution and inventory optimization process and software through InvOpt®.com. For more information, visit www.supplychainsciences.com or www.invopt.com