Cary, NC – October 13, 2020

TBM Consulting Joins Vanguard Software’s Growing Network of Channel Partners

Vanguard Software announced today that TBM Consulting will join their rapidly expanding network of global channel partners.

“TBM Consulting’s core philosophy revolves around speed and agility,” said Nathan Goldstein, Director of Channel Management at Vanguard Software. “That focus, combined with their vast expertise in supply chain planning processes and best practices across manufacturing and distribution industry segments makes them an ideal fit for our partner program, where customer value is maximized through the combination of a continuous improvement approach and market-leading predictive planning technology.”

“Partnering with Vanguard will enhance our ability to help our customers automate their supply chain planning process while improving forecast accuracy. Results include: reduction in operating costs and stockouts, and improved customer satisfaction.” said Brian Cromer, Managing Director of Global Supply Chain at TBM. “It’s always been our philosophy to leverage technologies that deliver the greatest business value, and we only partner with outside vendors when we’re confident they’re capabilities uniquely match our customers’ needs and complement our existing offerings. Vanguard fits that bill perfectly.”

TBM Consulting Group is a team of lean manufacturing operations and supply chain consultants, helping clients leverage operational excellence, enabling technologies, and lean process rigor to dramatically enhance operational speed. They are committed to building nimble, flexible companies that can solve problems and respond to opportunities faster than their peers, paving the way for sustainable, profitable growth.

Vanguard Software introduced its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, companies across every major industry and more than 60 countries rely on Vanguard’s market-leading Predictive Planning platform to support their Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, and Integrated Business Planning needs.

Angela Scenna
Director of Marketing
TBM Consulting Group
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