Morrisville, NC, March 10, 2022

Active Year Sees Notable Growth in Private Equity, Supply Chain and Talent Strategy Engagements

TBM Consulting (“TBM”), a leading global operations and supply chain consulting firm, today provided an overview of the firm’s business activity in 2021.

Founded in 1991, TBM works with manufacturers, distributors and private equity firms to accelerate productivity, improve profitability and grow enterprise value. The firm’s core offerings address private equity operational due diligence and value creation, supply chain management, operational excellence, management system and human capital management, and technology. TBM serves clients in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific in a number of industries including industrial, consumer, food & beverage, garment, aerospace, med/pharma and field service organizations.

TBM saw significant growth in 2021. Last year, the firm:

  • Served 36 private equity clients, a 7% year-over-year increase
  • Served 46 private equity portfolio companies, a 10% year-over-year increase
  • Conducted 22 operational due diligence projects, a 175% year-over-year increase

“From supply chain strategy to operational performance to human capital management, we have seen a continued and growing need for TBM’s services across industries and geographies,” said John Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, TBM Consulting. “Our private equity practice was particularly active, representing nearly 50 percent of TBM’s business activity in 2021. We expect the PE sector to be a significant source of new business this year.”

TBM has served the private equity industry for over two decades, working with more than 100 general partners and helping PE firms build value in more than 700 portfolio companies. TBM’s 2021 private equity due diligence and value creation projects covered a variety of industries including numerous manufacturing and service businesses as well as several multinational/multicontinental companies. To meet this growing demand, TBM expanded its PE team to provide additional dedicated support for operational diligence, analysis, and value creation. Among last year’s hires was Ranjith Rajendran, who joined TBM in October 2021 as Managing Director, U.S. Private Equity Practice. Additional TBM hires include Chip Barth, who joined the company in June as Managing Director, Global Supply Chain Practice.

In 2021, TBM’s supply chain practice saw notable activity assisting organizations in navigating pandemic-related issues such as supplier management, sourcing strategies, network optimization and supply chain risk. The firm’s human capital management team was also quite active, helping PE firms assess the capability of leadership teams to drive the value creation agenda, conducting change readiness assessments, and leading strategic talent initiatives to improve recruiting, onboarding and retention. And via its technology practice, TBM assisted a number of client companies last year in pragmatically adopting digital manufacturing strategies and automation to address labor productivity, enhance analytics and improve decision making.

“Given the lingering effects of the pandemic, the crisis in Ukraine, and the perennial supply chain, productivity, human capital and technology challenges facing businesses of all types, we anticipate continued interest in the process improvement strategies TBM provides,” said Mr. Ferguson. “We thank TBM employees for their continued service and our many clients for their confidence in TBM. We look forward to an active 2022, helping clients assess and improve operational and financial performance to realize their full business potential.”

About TBM Consulting Group

TBM Consulting Group is a team of global manufacturing operations and supply chain consultants, helping clients leverage operational excellence, enabling technologies, and lean process rigor for dramatically enhancing operational speed. They are committed to building nimble, flexible companies that can solve problems and respond to opportunities faster than their peers, paving the way for sustainable, profitable growth. For more information, please visit