TBM Consulting Group Partners with River Logic, Enhances Prescriptive Analytics Capabilities for Supply Chain Clients

DALLAS, January 30, 2018 — River Logic, a leading provider of prescriptive analytics technology, today announced its new partnership with TBM Consulting Group, an operations and supply chain consulting firm known for its Lean heritage and expertise in operational excellence. TBM helps clients dramatically accelerate and sustain operational results using a powerful combination of process rigor and enabling technologies.

TBM Consulting Group is a lean operational consulting firm that believes the next level of operational performance is achieved by using technology to help clients think differently about their business through the use of advanced analytics. As a major player in the advanced analytics technology space, River Logic was an ideal partner for TBM Consulting as it seeks to help clients effectively use technology to influence their operations and supply chain improvements.

“TBM is known for its ability to quickly implement and drive business benefit. Coupled with our ability to provide robust modeling, analytics and scenario analysis, TBM Consulting will help its clients convert our outputs into meaningful, actionable plans and monitor performance," said Carlos Centurion, President of River Logic. TBM will also leverage Dploy® Solutions, a product they developed in house, to make the insights from River Logic actionable, executable and trackable.

TBM Adds River Logic to Help Clients Use Optimization Modeling Prior to Implementation Decisions

While already partnered with a handful of technology vendors for inventory optimization, network optimization and transactional supply chain planning, TBM saw a truly unique opportunity with River Logic. TBM Consulting Group CEO, Bill Remy, stated that “the ability to model a business and to link relationships between business performance and financial metrics is enormous. Many tech vendors model operational data, but they don’t convert the data into to financial metrics. River Logic’s blend of operations and financials is one of the most powerful things we could bring to the market.”

Remy strongly feels that having such a robust modeling capability will help open doors and solve more complex problems. “River Logic is going to help separate us from some of our competition and help us leverage optimization modeling to address the age-old problem: how do you convert data to actionable insights and execute on them?”

TBM Consulting plans to leverage River Logic for numerous operational and supply chain challenges including product portfolio modeling, production scheduling, capacity changes, network decisions, and master scheduling decisions where the ability to see the financial impact will be a major differentiator. By modeling the financial impact of operational decisions, TBM can bring a new level of speed and efficiency to its clients’ decision-making processes by enabling them to quickly evaluate different scenarios before they make decisions. Clients will be able to see the true impact of every decision before moving into an implementation phase.

Read the TBM / River Logic Q&A interview with TBM executives, Bill Remy and Ken Koenemann.

TBM and River Logic Exhibit at the Generis Supply Chain Summit

Meet TBM Consulting and River Logic at the Generis American Supply Chain Summit. TBM Consulting and River Logic are planning to jointly exhibit at the Generis American Supply Chain Conference in Dallas, TX on April 9-10, 2018. They will meet with prospective clients to discuss supply chain challenges and to demonstrate how their combination of prescriptive analytics software and process rigor can be combined to streamline decision making and accelerate results.

About River Logic

River Logic has been a global innovator in prescriptive analytics since 2000. Its optimization platform — purpose built for business users rather than Data Scientists — enables enterprise-wide optimization, collaborative planning, and performance management, all delivered through a revolutionary user experience.

About TBM Consulting

TBM is a global operations and supply chain consulting firm for manufacturers and distributors. They help organizations achieve the lowest possible cost to serve by enhancing the balance between service levels, working capital and cost. They leverage enabling technologies to drive better, faster decision making—dramatically improving cash flow and profits. Learn more at www.tbmcg.com.

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