October 31, 2019. Santiago, Chile.

TBM Consulting Provides Accelerated Performance Improvement in Chilean Mining Operations

TBM Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, recently opened a new office in Santiago, Chile to provide operations and supply chain consulting services to mining companies, mining contractors, construction, and manufacturers in Latin America. TBM Consulting also serves clients throughout the globe from its offices in Latin America, the United States, the Europe, and China.

Over the past several years, TBM Latin America has experienced increased demand from mining and construction clients in Chile. This new office in Chile will help TBM to better meet the needs of its expanding client base in the Chilean market.

TBM consultants are leveraging their deep knowledge of operational excellence and LeanSigma process to create better flow and productivity in mine construction and operations.

Benefits of using TBM’s approach to mining management include:

  • Finishing projects on time and within budget
  • Reducing every phase of the mine building process by 30%
  • Creating safer mining operations
  • Reducing costs in materials, personnel and employment teams
  • Increasing productivity from 20% to 30%
  • Transforming organizations into a lean culture

“In mining, construction projects often run late and over budget with the biggest inefficiencies driven by poor project management and an ineffective management system. Our mining and construction services approach instills a lean culture, increases the performance value of the internal processes, lowers costs, improves efficiency, drives agility, enhances site safety, and ensures schedule attainment,” says Eduardo Spina, Vice President of TBM Consulting Group, Latin America. “We are committed to helping mining organizations meet deadlines and achieve profit targets.”

TBM can work in different mining commodities including: Copper, Ore, Coal, and Aggregates. According to Mr. Spina, TBM helped one of its mining clients to reduce construction project delays by 60%, significantly reduce costs, increase monthly excavations in square meters by 5X, increase rock extraction from 44,000 to 188,000 tons per month, improve equipment availability and improve in-house compliance.

TBM Consulting recently participated in Perumin 34—one of the largest mining conventions in the world where they met with mining executives and discussed best practices for mining efficiency. More information about their mining consulting services can be found on the company website.

About TBM Consulting Group

TBM Consulting Group, founded in 1991, is a management consulting firm with emphasis on operations and supply chain consulting for manufacturers and distributors. TBM’s work has been documented in the acclaimed book, Lean Thinking, by Womack and Jones. The company has a proven track record including thousands of successful case studies with demonstrated results in performance improvement and accelerated value creation. The firm started Latin America operations nearly 20 years ago. Since then, TBM has worked with companies throughout Latin America. Learn more at www.tbmcg.mx


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