Why Training and Development is Becoming a Differentiator for Career Seekers

Success for HR teams demands manufacturers break out of the old paradigm. The natural tendency for employers is to double down on recruiting (i.e., do what isn’t working, only more of it) as the revolving door continues to spin. While recruiting is a necessity many overlook another key component – the importance of training and development.
As the financial issues related to human capital become glaring to management — the high costs of turnover and the lost revenue from diminished production — the argument to invest in training may seem counter-intuitive. However, new approaches to training are quickly becoming the linchpin to human capital success, driving productivity and improving retention. It is also becoming a differentiator to recruit the kind of employees seeking a career versus just a job.
Read this article by Shannon Gabriel, Managing Director of Leadership Solutions, and learn new and successful approaches to training and development that crush that status quo.