March 14, 2022 | Juliette Rowsell of Supply Management

In a recent article in Supply Management titled, “Fears of fuel rationing as Russia-Ukraine war sends prices soaring” logistics and supply chain leaders, including TBM’s Ken Koenemann, provides insights around the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war on logistics companies and their customers. Analysts have speculated that there could be fuel rations with calls for a freeze on fuel duty to protect logistics companies. Already operating on narrow margins, logistics businesses will have to pass on the rising costs to the end customers.

Ken Koenemann, TBM’s VP of Technology and Supply Chain, adds to the discussion that the war’s impact on logistics providers is two-fold: 1. Logistics routes are causing drivers to use alternative, longer routes thus more fuel costs, 2. Compounded with the costs already created from pandemic supply chain issues, is forcing companies to think differently about their supply chain and logistics strategies.

Read the article to gain more of Ken’s perspective along with other leaders on the war’s impact on logistics.