12/2/2021  -  12/2/2021

Virtual Event, Recorded

Tips for driving Incremental improvements in OEE

Webinar:  Moving the OEE Needle: Tips for Surpassing 85%.

Consistent OEE in the 82-85% range is impressive, but even small improvements (1%) can turn you into a hero.  If your team is holding steady at 85% (or any OEE number), don't be satisfied.  TBM operations experts, David Hicks, John Alford, and Tony Fendyke, offered insights for identifying hidden gems of OEE potential. 

Replay the OEE webinar now to learn more about three places to look for hidden gems of OEE potential.

  • Line start-up
  • Changeovers
  • Brief Stops

A big thank you to SafetyChain for inviting members of the TBM team to identify these three hidden gems of OEE potential and to discuss the actions you can take now to move the needle and make a big impact.