7/24/2020  -  7/24/2020

12 noon ET
20-minute webcast
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Join our 20-Minute, Manufacturing “Oz” Webcast

In this new environment, how do you get the right people back to work, in the right places, at the right time with resiliency and speed?

In this episode, TBM leadership experts will discuss the current challenges, new mindset and the best approach to getting leaders and employees back to work successfully in the new environment. Register for this 20-minute webcast.

Meet the Experts

Ken Koenemann, VP of Supply Chain and Technology at TBM Consulting Group, is a 25+ year veteran of manufacturing, operational excellence and supply chain optimization. At TBM, Ken is actively leading the effort to our suite of services to include emerging technologies that improve productivity and convert complex data into information for improved decision making.

Shannon Gabriel, Managing Director of Leadership Solutions at TBM Consulting Group, Shannon has 25+ years of experience supporting manufacturing companies across all departments: operations, supply chain, maintenance, continuous improvement, engineering and accounting. She has played a key role with Private Equity firms in the consolidation of multiple sites, building a corporate team to oversee the newly formed organization(s), and has led outsource efforts during her experience in the past two recessions with several national companies.

Coming soon: Two episodes left in this four-part web series, How to get out of Manufacturing ‘Oz’:

  • Episode 3: The Lion – The courage and fortitude – How to quickly pivot direction and succeed against obstacles in the short- and long-term
  • Episode 4: The Wizard – Ingenuity – How digital technology will play a larger role in manufacturing and distribution down the road